Pension Remittance at your Comfort

Now you can remit your Employees remittances at the comfort of your desk. Your schedule are never lost and can be re-used.
Pension Fund Custodians (PFCs) and Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) can now receive well structred schedules that are more tailored to their business and ease smooth pension management.


About PenRemit - Pension Remittance System

Pension Remittance System (PenRemit) is a web-based remittance schedules management platform designed to facilitate the remittance of employees’ Pension Contributions to their various Pension Fund Administrators in an organized and timely manner.
PenRemit automated the process of employers upload of schedules to PFA and making payments to PFC with prompt notification to all parties; the employers, the PFA and the PFC.

PenRemit comes with variety of products

Increase your employee loyalty by ensuring prompt payment of their pension remittances now at a click away.


Employer Remit

Platform for Employers to upload and pay for schedule online or at any other payment outlets.

PFC Platform

Platform for PFC to recieve structured and digitized schedules with easy and 1-click downloads.

PFA Dashboard

PFAs do not need to struggle to map payments to schedule any longer. 1-click reports sorts it out.

Teller Remit

Work in to any branch of your PFC and pay for your schedule.

Learn how to make your remittance at your comfort

Manuals for using the PenRemit platform can be downloaded here. Also download the Schedule templates to be used for your next upload.


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